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Special Paper Felt

Products introduction

Product Details: specialty paper felt

Length and width:user-defined

Felt GSM: 700-2000 g/㎡

Structure style:single layer ,double layer ,laminated layer

Linear pressure: 100-400kn/m,>400kn/m

Strength: 2000-4000N/5cm, >4000 N/5cm

Feature: excellent smoothness, fast start-up, stable , long life performance

Technical Parameters:

Felts: 1300-1650 GSM

Thickness: 2.5-3.4MM

Air Permeability: 40-70 CFM

Mesh: Endless and Twill weaving technology

Batt: full imported fiber, super smooth felt surface

Afterfinish: Singeing, washing and pre-compaction.

Technical Superiority:

Paper machine:all kinds of machine


Paper weight: 8-45 g/㎡,>45 g/㎡

Pulp:virgin pulp,pulpboard,recovered pulp,all kinds of pulp